What is the Specialty of Concrete Stamping San Antonio

Stamped concrete is one other common most technique of decorative concrete.  It involves stamping a texture and pattern or either one of them into the fresh concrete.  Stamped concrete needs that new concrete being poured.  It does not mean that you cannot add a stamped texture or pattern to the existing patio.  A few intermediate steps are required to be taken.  When you have an existing concrete pad which you want to fix a stamped texture or pattern to, it needs adding a coating of overlay mixture or concrete.  Concrete is of course preferable since it is one the world’s highly durable materials.  Anyway, concrete would need a minimum of two inches increase of height.  One more product is available, mostly called as overlay mixture.

Concrete Stamping San Antonio

This can be applied as small as three-eighths inches thickness.  Anyhow this plastic and cement polymer has a shorter lifespan than the concrete.  Limitations are e there when you cap your patio with concrete or overlaying it.  In case your patio is structurally unsound or cracked it would be risky to put on any coating on it since the coating would likely shift and crack as well.  Overlaying or capping your concrete would hide effectively any minor defects and stains in the concrete.  This process involves pouring of concrete just like you will do in ordinary flat-work.  The area will be framed up and reinforced with a Rebar and will be smoothed out.  For the purpose of stamping, the concrete should be dry enough not to be mushy but also wet enough to hold an impression still.  This timing is may be one of the highly difficult things of stamping.  Rubber stamps that are large are pounded to the concrete at this point.  They are done many times with an instrument called tamper.  Release product of some sort is used to keep away the stamps from sticking.  Some special tools like flip-pie stamps and grout rollers etc are employed to perfect the place.  The coloring effect of stamped concrete could be got in various ways.  Concrete Stamping San Antonio serves you all types of your Stamping needs in San Antonio.

Some of the color materials obtainable for using with stamped concrete include integral or integrated colors like release colors, integral colors, integrated colors, tinted sealers, color hardeners.  Integrated color is one that is mixed in the concrete before being poured.  Integral colors come in both powder as well as liquid form.

The benefit of integral color is that this color is through the concrete all the way.  So, when the concrete is any time scarred or chipped, the color is found to be consistent throughout the slab.

Concrete Stamping San Antonio

Antiquing release colors are normally a powder color which is applied on to the surface before the stamping process.  Its function is to see that it keeps the stamps away from sticking to the concrete.  The beauty aspect of it is that when the excess powder is scrubbed away, it leaves being great coloring accent in the crevices and grooves.Some release colors are also available in liquid form.