telemarketing strategies for insurance companies


Telemarketing has always been marketing for insurance agencies an apt source of marketing various products and insurance has also been one of these.  But considering the advancement in science and technology, it is quite common to get a question as to whether telemarketing still works as insurance agency marketing  source of lead generation.

marketing for insurance agenciesFor this question, the answer can be said to lie in the methodology, the approach, the specific kind of target market and the tools.  Many are the agencies that are still recording some positive and commendable results from telemarketing.  These campaigns should actually be called as appointment setting campaigns rather than traditional telemarketing campaigns.

An appointment setting campaign for which eMarketing and web seminar component is not included, although it is beneficial to have them both, it becomes imperative to use very highly competent and experienced callers to ensure that the value proposition of the agency is shortly and summarily incorporated and articulated to  the target prospect.

Telemarketing becomes supple when it comes to insurance agencies because campaigns which focus on high level meetings with senior level contacts at pretty large organisations may result only in six to eight appointments per month.  The setter of the appointments must have to be very experienced and knowledgable in order to be successful in this kind of campanign.  Still, insurance agency appointment setting can yield some impressive results.  But it must be borne in mind that these must be very effectively done and this means that hiring people who do not know anything about insurance must not  be done.

There is a possibility of incentives given to appointment setters having a reverse effect  if they attempt book appointments aggressively as opposed to taking a more consultative approach.  With appointment setting, approach is a very important concept and it is always best to have a long term approach.  When a dedicated appointment setter has enough time to become quite familiar with the target prospect list, then the campaigns will have the possibility of recording best results.  Oftentimes, it is the third or fourth attempt that yields the right contact at the right time, opening the door of opportunities for the respective agency or the advisor.

It has been already mentioned that appointment setting works best if accompanied by a professional insurance agency eMarketing and web seminar program since the prospects become familiar with the name of the agency and the cold calls can be converted to warm calls.

Insurance agents having good qualification and communication skills can be well benefitted in their pipeline building process.   A simple and consistent qualification process will be apt.

 A prospect score card  can be used in case of people who have yet to implement a simple and consistent qualification process.  By maintaining a prospect score card, you can quantitatively determine whether a prospect is in profile or not and can help you  increase the likelihood of sale.

marketing for insurance agenciesLast but not the least, it is important that the communication between the appointment setting organisation and the insurance agency producers be simple and ongoing.