Top 4 tips to stay on fitness course at

Keeping your fitness is a process which gets initiated once at  when you start following the listed steps in principle and practice. You will be able to sustain the process by adhering to some of the tips given by experts here. One of the problems faced by people running on busy schedules is the consistency to stay in the Paleo diet program. If you are such a person you know the practical issues like deadlines, work pressure and stress which eventually lead you back into unhealthy food habits and lifestyle. Hence you need to be cautious while you are out there in your work schedule about adhering to the guidelines of Here are 4 simple tips which can help you stay on course.

Stick to your diet plan of

  1. Start with your breakfast program. Add plenty of veggies to sweetbread. Salads are the best starters for a great day. It is better to have an early breakfast, preferably before 8. Eating plenty of fruits like papaya and banana in the morning can help streamline the digestion process throughout the day. Avoid fruit juices and focus on eating the fruits.
  2. Lunch with salmon or chicken breast is the food for balancing your energy levels. Alternately you can opt for fat free liver or marrow of lamb or beef. Do add veggies like lettuce, kale, cabbage and carrots. Always add a vegetable salad to your lunch menu. It can be made from cucumber, tomato, green leafy vegetables and garnished with lemon and garlic. This food is highly antioxidant in nature and helps burning fat.
  3. If you feel like opting for evening snacks you can choose fruit salad made from apple, banana, kiwi fruit and plums. Avoid dairy and bakery products as they can add unhealthy fat and cholesterol into your body muscles.
  4. Turkey breast or hen breast for supper is said to be ideal. If you are fond of fish opt for tuna or sunfish. Avoid frying with unhealthy oil or butter. Instead you can use coconut oil or olive oil to moderately fry the food. Dry wine is the most recommended beverage if you have the habit of consuming alcohol. Avoid hard drinks and beer to stay away from acid refluxes and acidity problems. Add cranberry and watermelon into your fruit salad to help faster digestion of food after supper.

Vitamins and minerals guidelines at

Bison meat gives you lot of minerals like iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. This food needs to be consumed moderately once in a week to balance your energy levels. Fat is an essential ingredient which helps in preserving the energy levels within your muscles and tissues. Avocado, cashews, flaxseed oil and coconut oil needs to be added to your food in moderate levels. gives you more details about the “moderate” levels which depend on your body weight, height and other factors. Beet, cabbage and lettuce are the vital sources of vitamins. Follow the guidelines at to stay fit forever.