Benefits of Going for an Electric log Splitter

There is a common uncertainty when it comes to choosing the best between a gas and an electric log splitter. While both of them have a certain set of pros and cons, the latter is deemed as more beneficial. The electric log splitters are actually ignored because of their new technology. Nonetheless, they are more profitable for the users. Here are some of the benefits you get from an electric log splitter.

Affordable prices and saves money

You can certainly choose an electric log splitter over a gas – powered one if you are concerned about the budget. They are generally found to be less pricey in comparison to the expensive gas splitters. Therefore, the most crucial money factor goes down in favor of the electric splitters. Apart from being reasonable in purchase prices, the electric splitters actually help you save capital. With these machines, you save the money for fuel, maintenance, etc. which would cost you big in a gas machine.

Indoor/outdoor splitting

In weather of rains, snow, immense heat, and cold, you have the facility of using the electric log splitters indoors. You can safely use this splitter inside without the hazard of noxious fumes and flames.  They have the heavy – duty cords which make them suitable for outdoor usage as well. All you need is an extension cord connection to power supply and you are good to go. You can watch that football match and do the splitting at your perfect convenience.

No tensions for oil changes

With the electric splitters, there is no cause of tension for the oil change and anything. This is another great benefit of this machine. It comes with a very low maintenance system. You do not have to add gas or change the spark plugs anymore. Switch on the power connection and it is all set to use. There are also no worries about the dangerous spills.

Eco – friendly

Another benefit which works twofold is the environment – friendly nature of the electric splitters. You are saving the atmosphere around you by using electric engines in the stead of polluting gas engines. This is beneficial not just for your surroundings but also for the earth as a whole. There is no risk of the spread of toxic gasses like carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons with the electric splitters. Plus, they save you the concern about those horrible gas spills and fire dangers.

Better operational facility

The electric log splitters operate in a more peaceful and unproblematic conduct compared to the gas splitters. They are lightweight and easy to carry wherever you like to take them. Easy portability allows you effortless splitting experience and makes the process more suitable. They are also less noise inducing machines which will save you the tension of disturbing the members of the family and the neighbors as well.

Wood has become an essential part of households. For a better and more effortless wood splitting process, buy an electric log splitting machine. It comes with features which will benefit you, your wallet, the neighbors, and the Mother Nature as well. Buy the splitter which suits you the best when it comes to convenience and worth for money.


Poulan Pro Lawn Mower – Brief info before you Buy

Lawn mowing is now quick and easy with Poulan Pro Lawn Mower. Poulan Pro PR500N21SH is a subset of Husqvarna company, which makes Gardening and outdoor tools such as Chainsaws, Mowers and Leaf Blowers. It is convenient, reliable and a sturdy push mower. Poulan Pro PR500N21SH starts without any hassle every single time. It has a powerful 140cc gas Briggs and Strratton engine and steel housing. Poulan Pro Lawn Mower is something that is going last for long. Having said this lets look at it’s features

Assembling : Well assembling Poulan Pro lawn mower is very Simple! It is only the handle that needs to be attached to the main body rest is all pre-set.

Oil Consumption : The lawn mower comes with a full bottle of oil which is what you require (depending upon its use). Once the oil is over it can be replaced by any lawn tractor oil or generic mower oil. Its that compatible!

Height Adjustment : Poulan Pro lawn mower’s each wheel can be adjusted according to individual preference.There is a handle on each corner to adjust the height, be it up or down.

Cutting Height : Poulan Pro Lawn mover comes with 5 different heights to cut the grass, Considering its price it’s a value for money, because several other movers in this price range only offer two or four different heights. Poulan Pro has four different height levers on each wheel but it wont pinch you because you wont have to change the height very often. For an uneven ground the back wheels must be adjusted higher to give better result on tough spots.

For seasons last cutting, it is recommended to mow more often rather than cutting it low at one time. For off season 2 inches of height is good to allow future growth at reduced fungal growth.

Engine Start Up : Poulan Pro Mower has a gas engine with pull up start. You need to fill the gas and oil, push that prime button then wait for 10 seconds and finally pull the cord to start the engine.

Handle Adjustment : The handles can be adjusted angle wise and not height wise. There is no option of adjusting the height, and even with steel housing, it can comfortably be used to pull or push on flatter ground.

Working on Inclines : Poulan Pro works wonderfully well on inclines too.

Mulching and Mowing : Poulan Pro Lawn Mower offers both Muching and Mowing. Mulching is nothing but cutting the grass and leaves very fine and they fall on the ground, there they decompose and become nutrients for the soil .Whereas Mowing is cutting the grass and leaves and throwing them from chute to the mowers side.


  • Poulan Pro Lawn Mower has both Mulcher as well as Mower. Which is great for the price that it comes with.
  • It has a sleek and sturdy deck.
  • It works wonderfully well on inclines for example hills, uneven ground and ditches.
  • Poulan Pro Lawn Mower is easy to start, use, store and maintain.



  • Poulan Pro PR500N21SH is not self propelled, but this has not been a concern for most of the owners.
  • Poulan Pro does not have the height adjustment option, but it is not an issue for person with average height.
  • Poulan Pro does not have a seprate bag to catch the chopped grass or leaf.


  • It comes with a dimension of 20.75”×25.25” ×40.25”.
  • The front wheel is 7” and the rear wheel is 11”
  • Cutting Width is 21”
  • The bag discharge is on the side
  • The Torque is 5lb/ft
  • It has acylinder displacement of 140cc
  • The Primer bulb is the starter
  • It comes with a manufactured warranty of 2 years.
  • It has a steel Deck material


Poulan Pro PR500N21SH Lawn Mower which is a part of 500E series is value for money. Poulan Pro is ideal for big as well as small lawns, It keeps the yard great for a long time. So if you have been looking for a good lawn mower this is your chance to redeem it.