What are browser games?


Computer based video games that are being played widely over the internet with the help of using the web browser are known as Browsergames. Basic web based technologies are required to run these video games successfully. Plug-in type browsers can also be used to run such games. The web based technologies provide front-end use where as backend use is provided by other modes of technologies. These video games can be both multi-player and single player. They are portable in nature and one can play these games from various devices, operating systems or web-browsers. The themes and genres of these games attract both casual and regular players

Browser Games Characteristics

The major characteristics of Browsergames that makes it so popular are as below:

1. They are free to play games
2. Doesn’t require any software to be installed to play these free games
3. One can play this game with the use of web-browser or plug-ins only.
4. Additional game features are available to be administered at extra cost.
5. Social communications take place when it is a multi-player game
6. Interactions occur between players on a big scale
7. Can be played with shorter sessions as compared with video games played traditionally
8. They are portable in nature
9. One can access these games from various devices at different places
10. They are user friendly games
11. Running Browsergames doesn’t involve the use of hardware

Technologies behind browser games:

Playing Browsergames involve the advantageous use of different technologies. They are as below-

Standard Web Technologies – HML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript’s are some standard web based technologies that are used to prepare these video games. These games are easy to use, but have disadvantages due to the limited browser compatibility issue. Definitely quality is another factor making them unpopular. Together all of them are known as dynamic HTML. Using these technologies enables the Browsergames to be run in all types of browsers that have standard compliance.

Web standards have additional technologies which are dedicated to graphics like canvas and SVG. These technologies are used to render vector and raster type graphics in a faster way. 3D support in these games is provided by WebGL. This 3D support is provided by the acceleration of hardware.

Plug-In type technologies: Web browser based games use the plug-in mode of technology once the game is installed in the device.

How to select browser games list?

Browser based games come in a big list, out which the multiplayer variety of the games are most popular. These games are usually free in nature and are often provided with aid to add extra features at a nominal cost. The flow of these games is totally based on turns each player takes to play. Players are offered real time” or turns to go ahead with their actions. This is the real-time type of strategy that a player uses to take their suitable time to take their action for the game.

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